TAX318 PASS Workshop

We’ll help you pass the TAX318 exam!

Prepare for your exam by registering to attend our PASS Workshop, where you’ll cover important technical topics and discuss likely exam questions. Learn exam techniques from facilitators, such as using your time effectively, pinpointing key words, identifying what exam markers are looking for and how to properly structure your answers. You’ll also complete a practice exam to assess your preparation.


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Course structure.

Key benefits

  • Developed and delivered by an Approved Training Organisation (NZICA)
  • Structured face-to-face, interactive and practical workshops
  • Receive exam tips, techniques and practice questions*
  • Understand how your exam will be marked – you’ll practice marking CA Program exam questions and receive marking rubrics*
  • Receive feedback on questions and your work – get access to facilitators who have been writers and markers of earlier versions of the CA Program

Course summary

Investment: Only $295 + GST

Delivery: Face-to-face

Auckland – Saturday 1st December
Wellington – Sunday 2nd December
Christchurch – Saturday 1st December

Duration: 6 hours (9am to 3pm).

Limited spaces. Don’t miss out. Register today to secure your place.


Our students say

★★★★★ “This workshop has been a good investment, I have gained a valuable insight into exam style questions, received detailed handouts and participated in a group discussion.” – TAX PASS Workshop Candidate

★★★★★ “The most valuable part of the workshop was having such a sincere and knowledgeable facilitator and running through the practice questions.” – TAX PASS Workshop Candidate


Jessie – Academic Manager & Xero expert

Jessie is a Chartered Accountant and one of life’s natural engineers. If something’s broken, she’ll fix it. This strong personality trait was well-honed during her time with Xero, and now she’s always looking for ways to improve processes for staff and students alike*. This not only helps people understand their learning concepts and have a positive experience with their studies, but provides Jessie with tremendous job satisfaction.



*Our practice exam questions are written by qualified accountants with experience in writing and marking earlier versions of the CA Program. With a similar format to the actual exam, the practice exam questions will help you assess your preparation for the final exam.

The PASS Exam Coaching Workshop covers important technical topics, likely exam questions and examination techniques such as time management, pinpointing key words, identifying what exam markers are looking for and how to structure your answers. You’ll also receive a comprehensive module index and practice questions to add to your critical file.

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