Diploma in Excel & Diploma in MYOB Package

Get two professional qualifications and become an MYOB & Excel expert!

This course combines the Diploma in MYOB Package and the Diploma in Excel Package. It will provide you with comprehensive and workforce ready Excel and MYOB skills required for any accounting, bookkeeping, finance or administration role.

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Key Benefits

  • Get qualified and earn more with a new job or promotion
  • Enhance your Excel & MYOB skills and become confident and savvy, learning essential skills to perform advanced accounting, bookkeeping and finance functions
  • Learn the latest Excel and MYOB functions, tips & tricks
  • Receive comprehensive one-on-one tutor support
  • Flexible start dates – enrol online and start when you are ready
  • Upskill and add an Excel and MYOB qualification to your CV
  • Flexible online study – work at your own pace, in your own time.

Course Summary

Duration: 80 hours, study at your own pace.


Assessments: Case studies, quizzes, written assessments and practical exercises.


Qualification information: This package comprises the Diploma in Excel and the Diploma in MYOB.


Delivery: Online with tutor support via phone and email


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 6 months until you complete.

Course Pricing: $1295 + GST or only $25 per week on an interest free payment plan

The Diploma in Excel combines the following three Certifications:

CITN2002 – Certificate in Microsoft Excel

CITG140 – Introducing Excel

CITG141 – Entering Data

CITG142 – File Operations

CITG143 – Performing Calculations

CITG144 – Modifying the Worksheet

CITG145 – Formatting

CITG146 – Printing

CITG147 – Sorting and Filtering

CITG149 – Certificate in Microsoft Excel Assessment

CITN2003 – Intermediate Certificate in Excel

CITG148 – Working with Large Tables of Data

CITG150 – When Formulas Don’t Calculate as Expected

CITG151 – Using Multiple Worksheets

CITG152 – Time Saving Functions

CITG153 – Conditional Formatting

CITG154 – Introduction to Recording Macros

CITG155 – Protecting

CITG156 – Microsoft 365 Functions

CITG157 – Intermediate Certificate in Excel Assessment

CITN2004 – Advanced Certificate in Excel

CITG158 – Importing and Saving Plain Text Files

CITG159 – Lookup and Cross-Reference

CITG160 – Preparing Data for Reporting

CITG161 – Using Tables

CITG162 – Pivot Tables

CITG163 – Pivot Charts

CITG164 – Advanced Certificate in Excel Assessment

The Diploma in MYOB combines the following four Certifications:

ABKN2030 Certificate in MYOB AccountRight

ABKN308-2 Setup & Introduction for MYOB AccountRight

ABKN310-2 Chart of Accounts in MYOB AccountRight

ABKN312-2 Contacts in MYOB AccountRight

ABKN311-2 Banking with MYOB AccountRight

ABKN314-2 Inventory, Quotes & Invoicing in MYOB AccountRight

ABKN316-2 Receive Payments & Pay Bills in MYOB AccountRight

ABKN317-2 Bank Reconciliation & Reporting in MYOB

ABKN319-2 MYOB AccountRight Assessment

ABKN1018 Certificate in MYOB Essentials

ABKN163 Introduction to MYOB Essentials

ABKN114 Chart of Accounts & Banking with MYOB Essentials

ABKN134 Managing Contacts with MYOB Essentials

ABKN170 Managing Items with MYOB Essentials

ABKN197 Managing Sales in MYOB Essentials

ABKN116 Managing Bills with MYOB Essentials

ABKN195 Managing Reports in MYOB Essentials

ABKN307 MYOB Essentials Assessment

ABKN1036 Certificate in MYOB Payroll

ABKN322 Installing MYOB Payroll & Introduction

ABKN323 Setting up an MYOB Payroll File

ABKN324 Setting up Employee Pay Details

ABKN325 Preparing & Processing Pays with MYOB

ABKN326 Managing Leave with MYOB

ABKN327 Preparing Payroll Reports with MYOB

ABKN328 Practical MYOB Payroll Assessment

ABKN0002 Official MYOB Test