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PSCN1020 – Certificate in Child Development

Gain insights into child behaviour

This certificate is focused for people wanting to or already are working with children as well as anyone wanting to develop skills for a career in childcare. This certificate is comprised of the following courses – Certificate in Children’s Development & Nutrition, plus the Certificate in Child Psychology.

It helps parents and child care workers understand how they can provide an environment that nurtures a child’s development.

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Key Benefits

  • Extend your knowledge of child behaviour
  • Understand children’s learning and development
  • Learn skills to help children grow and develop
  • Clear, in-depth information
  • Receive support via phone or email from our experienced tutors

Learn how children develop psychologically as they grow, and what factors (such as learning, parenting styles, reinforcement and genetic makeup) influence their behaviour and thinking. Anyone who lives or works with children will gain valuable insights into child behaviour.

This course is designed for

  • Parents wanting a greater understanding of their child’s behaviour
  • Anyone wanting to build or enhance their career in child care
  • Childcare worker

Who should study this?

  • Au Pairs
  • New Parents
  • Those looking to improve their child’s prospects
  • Those looking to work with children

Accredited by ICOES

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What our students say

★★★★★ “The team are always supportive and actively support me whenever I hit a speed bump.. I will be continuing with further study with The Career Academy.” – Sharne Harding-Loveridge


★★★★★ “The course is good and gives a lot of information I wouldn’t have known and the tutors are really helpful and get back to me very quickly.” – Nicole Tuckey


★★★★★ “”I finished the psychology portion and started on the nutrition part and it’s really really nice and great. The tutors are so supportive, they respond immediately when I email them and honestly it’s just great.” – Marwa Mahmoud

Course Summary

Investment: $995 + GST or from only $25 per week on an interest free payment plan. Get started now by clicking here.


Assessments: Covering two comprehensive modules. A combination of multiple choice, short answers, essays, etc


Delivery and support: Online with expert tutor support via email or phone


Duration: 230 hours. Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete in 20 weeks


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 6 months before you complete


Course Level: 4


This course covers two subjects

Children’s Development & Nutrition

  • PSCG230 – Child Development – Birth to Three Years
  • PSCG231 – Behaviour Management
  • PSCG232 – Introduction to Child Nutrition
  • PSCG233 – Nutrition in Pre-Pregnancy
  • PSCG234 – Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • PSCG235 – Nutrition in Infants
  • PSCG236 – Nutrition in Childhood
  • PSCG237 – Nutritional Concerns
  • PSCG238 – Healthy Eating Behaviour
  • PSCG239 – Issues with Obesity
  • PSCG240 – Diet Plans

Child Psychology

  • PSCG512 – Introduction to Child Psychology
  • PSCG214 – The newborn infant
  • PSCG204 – States and senses of the infant
  • PSCG157 – Learning
  • PSCG129 – Emotions and Socialisation
  • PSCG110 – Cognitive development
  • PSCG156 – Language development
  • PSCG148 -Intelligence
  • PSCG200 – Socialisation – Part A
  • PSCG169 – Morality
  • PSCG197 – Child Sexuality
  • PSCG201 – Socialisation – Part B

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