Diploma in Psychology and Counselling

Understand the Foundational Principles of Psychology and Counselling


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Understand the human mind and the counselling process with this internationally recognised qualification.


This Diploma is designed to teach you the foundational knowledge behind Psychology and Counselling. You’ll learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help people work through their problems and issues with counselling. This includes listening, reflection, questioning and interview techniques.


  • Extend your understanding of psychology and counselling
  • Learn the skills counsellors use to help people resolve their problems and issues
  • Receive a FREE 12-month membership to the International Association for Counselling
  • Internationally accredited by the IAC (International Association for Counselling)
  • Internationally accredited by the ICOES (International Educational Council for Online Educational Standards)

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Course Details


100% online. Case studies, quizzes, written assessments and practical exercises

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Self-paced Learning. This course is 600 hours in duration but you have up to 12 months to complete the course.

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Introduction to Psychology: 

PSCG212 – The Nature and Scope of Psychology

PSCG213 – The Neurological Basis of Behaviour

PSCG132 – Environmental Effects on Behaviour

PSCG113 – Consciousness and Perception

PSCG174 – Personality

PSCG185 – Psychological Development

PSCG172 – Needs, drives and motivation


Certificate in Psychology and Counselling: 

PSCG205 – Stress

PSCG101 – Abnormal behaviour

PSCG144 – Individual behaviour

PSCG139 – Group behaviour

PSCG166 – Methods of dealing with abnormalities

PSCG112 – Conflict resolution

PSCG149 – Interpersonal communication skills


Counselling Skills: 

PSCG158 – Learning specific skills

PSCG161 – Listening & bonding

PSCG193 – Reflection

PSCG190 – Questioning

PSCG150 – Interview Techniques

PSCG108 – Changing Beliefs and Normalising

PSCG135 – Finding Solutions

PSCG131 – Ending the Counselling


Advanced Counselling Skills: 

PSCG211 – The Counselling Session

PSCG136 – Focus on the Present

PSCG210 – Telephone Counselling

PSCG117 – Dealing with Crisis

PSCG178 – Problem Solving Techniques I – Aggression

PSCG179 – Problem Solving Techniques II – Depression

PSCG180 – Problem Solving Techniques III – Grief and Loss

PSCG181 – Problem Solving Techniques IV –  Suicide


Counselling Techniques: 

PSCG182 – Psychoanalytic psychotherapy l – Freud, Erikson, Jung

PSCG183 – Psychoanalytical psychotherapy ll – Adler

PSCG142 – Humanistic/Existential approaches I – Gestalt Therapy

PSCG141 – Humanistic/Existential approaches II – Person-Centred Counselling; Carl Rogers

PSCG191 – Rational emotive therapy – Albert Ellis

PSCG105 – Behavioural therapy

PSCG202 – Solution Focussed Counselling

PSCG109 – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Professional Practice in Psychology: 

PSCG216 – Understanding Counselling

PSCG133 – Ethics & Confidentiality

PSCG217 – Understanding the Self

PSCG175 – Personality

PSCG128 – Emotions & Behaviour

PSCG207 – Supervision

PSCG192 – Referral Practice

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