CV Resume Template Ideas

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One of the most important ways to showcase your new skills and qualifications is to create a CV or Resume. Having a well designed CV or Resume can be the difference that makes you stand out from other applicants and be memorable to a prospective employer. On completing your CV, make sure you double check or get a friend to read through to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes! Below are some ideas gathered from Pinterest for layout and designs of CV’s or Resumes.

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Your CV is the billboard that screams ‘hire me,’ but not all CV’s are made equal. Our  Career Centre has perfected the art of a good CV, and we’re ready and waiting to pass this knowledge on to you. We will:


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Download this CV template (in Word) to get you started. Just click on the icon to start the download. This can be used as a guide for your own CV, or to give you some ideas of how to create your own.