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The evidence is in the piece of paper!

The evidence is in the piece of paper! Applying for a job requires a special set of skills. It is easy to forget how challenging it is to be a job seeker if you’re fortunate enough to have been in steady and consistent employment for a number of years. It is only when you find[…]

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Use your CV to make a great impression

Your CV – make a great first impression Your CV should tell an employer about what type of employee you will be and what skills you have to offer. Is your CV presenting the best version of yourself? Keep it short and sweet Employers want to know if your suitable for the job on offer,[…]

I’ve finished my study, now what?

I’ve finished my study, now what? So you’ve wrapped up your online course, and now its time to put your best foot forward and step into the working world! Stand-out CV Keep it short and sweet! Stick to the essentials – is it relevant to the job you’re applying for? Highlight your experience in roles[…]

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Write a great covering letter

Writing a covering letter A covering letter is your first opportunity to grab attention and make sure you stand out from other candidates. Keep it relevant Tailor your cover letter to the specific job you are applying for, identifying the particular skills you can bring to the role. Highlight any relevant experience that would make[…]

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What does Facebook say about you?

Is your Facebook profile employer ready? Facebook has become a professional tool employers use to vet potential employees. Make sure what they see isn’t harming your chances of getting a new job. Are you an obsessive selfie taker? Are your weekend antics splashed across your timeline? Do you have a tendency to share questionable material?[…]