The Career Academy Certificate in Child Nutrition

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Child Nutrition - Understand the nutritional requirements for children

The time from birth to adulthood is one of growth, development, maturation and activity. Certain nutrients are essential for development at different times; for example omega-3 fatty acid and proteins are crucial for brain development in infants and toddlers. Child Nutrition is especially important, because if the child is deficient in the nutrients they need, their development will be impacted.

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Key Benefits

  • Understand nutrition for children according to their backgrounds and needs.
  • Understand the various nutritional needs of the mother and father before and during pregnancy and the needs of infants from birth to age two and beyond
  • Identify ways to encourage healthy eating behaviour in children.
  • Learn some of the common issues such as food sensitivities in childhood nutrition.
  • Develop a list diet outline for healthy children and special diet plans for children with special  needs.

Who should study this?

  • Child Minders
  • Those expecting
  • New Parents
  • Those looking to improve their child's diet
  • Nutritionists looking to expand their skills

The role of parents and caregivers cannot be understated in children’s nutrition. Children learn from observation and when very young have no choice but to eat what is provided to them. As a parent or caregiver you need to be aware of what you are teaching your children about nutrition. This course will educate you on these aspects so you are able to help your own children, as well as others.

Course Summary

Investment:  $495 + GST or just $25 a month on our interest FREE payment plan

Assessments: Includes case studies, quizzes and written assessments.

Delivery and support: Online with expert tutor support via email or phone.

Duration: 100 hours. Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete in 10 weeks.

Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 6 months before you complete.

Course Level: 4

This course consists of 10 modules

Course reviewed by Philip Dowling

Philip-DowlingPhilip has been practicing and teaching nutrition and naturopathy for 21 years. After suffering years of poor health, he visited a naturopath in 1990, and after several months of positive application rediscovered good health. In 1991 Philip went to naturopathic college, graduating in 1993.

From 1999 to 2014 Philip managed the naturopathy and nutrition faculties at Wellpark College. During his time at Wellpark College, Philip taught students a range of naturopathic and human science subjects including anatomy and physiology, nutritional biochemistry, clinical nutrition, and naturopathic. He has authored a prominent text book and has personally reviewed our Nutrition and Aromatherapy courses.

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