ANCN1011 - Certificate in Animal Health, Behaviour & Wildlife Management Package

The opportunities are endless with this Animal and Wildlife package!

This package combines the Certificates in Animal Health Care, Animal Behaviour, and Wildlife Management. You will learn knowledge of animal care and basic veterinarian procedures, animal behaviour, as well as understanding wildlife ecology, habitats, and management. This course is the perfect package for those who love working with animals and want to start their first step towards a career in the animal care or conservation industry.

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Key benefits

  • Learn about common health problems in a variety of animals, and identify common signs of ill health
  • Learn about tasks carried out in a veterinary practice, including first aid procedures, treatments and care
  • Learn to manage domestic animals, whether as pets or working animals
  • Better understand your family pets
  • Learn about a range of different wildlife management techniques
  • Understand wildlife habitats and their importance to managing wildlife
  • Take the first step towards working with animals professionally, advance your career or lay the foundation for a career change

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Course tutor: Katie Fasher

Katie studied the Bachelor of Veterinary Science at university, covering all aspects of animal knowledge from basic animal care, to surgery and training ranging from farm animals to exotic pets. She has had experience in veterinary clinics of all types and has volunteered with a range of animal charities including de-sexing stray dogs in Samoa.

We make donations to SPCA  on completion!

Course Summary

Investment:  $1785 + GST or only $25 per week with our interest free payment plan.

Assessments: 28 modules and 28 assignments, including case studies, quizzes and written assessments.

Delivery and support: Online with tutor support via email or phone.

Duration: Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete one module per week.

Course Level: 4

Designed for those

  • Who love animals
  • People that want to start a career working outside
  • With an interest in conservation and animal protection
  • Who wish to looking to get involved in environmentalism
  • Those with an interest in protecting endangered species.

Animal Health Care covers twelve modules

ANCG148 - Introduction to Animal Health Care
ANCG119 - Anatomy and Physiology
ANCG102 - Preventative Health Care of Dogs
ANCG166 - Preventative Health Care of Other Species
ANCG173 - Common Disease of Dogs
ANCG162 - Common Diseases of Other Species
ANCG101 - First Aid, Accidents and Triage
ANCG104 - Veterinary Facilities
ANCG157 - Handling and Restraint
ANCG161 - Care of Patients
ANCG143 - Training and Behaviour
ANCG159 - Veterinary Administration

Animal Behaviour covers eight modules

ANCG146 - Animal Influences and Motivation
ANCG133 - Genetics and Behaviour
ANCG105 - Animal Perception and Behaviour
ANCG107 - Behaviour and the Environment
ANCG167 - Animal Social Behaviour
ANCG151 - Animal Conditioning and Learning
ANCG142 - Handling Animals
ANCG109 - Behavioural Problems

Wildlife Management covers eight modules

ANCG150 - Introduction to Wildlife Management
ANCG175 - Wildlife Ecology
ANCG176 - Wildlife Habitats
ANCG196 - Overview of Mammals
ANCG197 - Marsupials
ANCG194 - Ectotherms: Amphibians and Reptiles
ANCG174 - Wildlife Censuses
ANCG178 - Wildlife Management Techniques


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