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Nathan Archer - ManagerCareer Academy Advisors Final-7

Nathan came to NZ in 2008 from Exeter in the south-west of England. He has a strong background in sales and team management, having held senior roles for major technology and telecoms providers.

He's proud of his team; he knows they go to great lengths to ensure a student signs up to the right course that's going to give the most value. "The culture at The Career Academy is fantastic," he says. "There's a genuine will to work together as a team, for the benefit of the company and its students."

Nathan's a true football fan, having always followed Liverpool, and he coaches a junior team on the North Shore too. Any remaining free time is spent with his fiancée and his young children.

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LaurelinCareer Academy Advisors Final-6

Laurelin admits she had a hard time at university, and acknowledges that what appears right on paper isn't always best in practicality. With this personal knowledge, she helps her students make great decisions about which course is the best actual fit for them.

"I love knowing that I'm really helping people," she says. "It's a great feeling when a client phones to say that they got their new job or promotion after completing one of our online courses."

Laurelin is an animal lover. She's previously worked at a dog groomers and a vet clinic, and every Friday evening you'll find her at the Auckland Canine Agility Club with her beloved pal Rufus, an English Cocker Spaniel. She's also read a number of dog training books, and so is an excellent person to talk to if you're considering one of The Career Academy's pet & animal care courses.

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JoeCareer Academy Advisors Final-9

Joe is Egyptian, and lived in several places before NZ, including Cyprus and Dubai.

Having worked in recruitment and HR, he's seen literally hundreds of resumés and is passionate about fully preparing The Career Academy's students for the job market. "It's never just about enrolling someone. It's also about working on their CVs, giving interview tips and helping them stand out from other candidates." And, if his students are going through the formal process of settling in NZ, Joe can draw on his own migration experience to help reduce their stress levels.

Joe's a football fanatic. He follows Real Madrid and his favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. "I respect the man," he explains. "He works hard on the field and he's good to his mother."

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Mele Career Academy Advisor Mele

Having been a stay-at-home mum for 5 years, Mele has first-hand knowledge of what many of The Career Academy's students have experienced. She says it was daunting to come back into the workplace after a long break, but that the team were friendly and welcoming.

"There's a real supportive spirit in the office, and that extends to our students too," explains Mele. "The tutors are great, and literally just a phone call or e-mail away. You should never be afraid to ask them a question. We want you to succeed and we're all here to help you do that."

Mele loves that online learning means you can work at your own pace, around your existing commitments, and is considering becoming a student of The Career Academy herself.  Being a highly organised romantic, our Certificate in Wedding Planning is very appealing to her!

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CillaCareer Academy Advisors Final-4

Cilla is a self-confessed workaholic, who has had a variety of customer-focused jobs with the likes of New World, a courier company and an outsourced contact centre.

Wanting to try "something different" Cilla joined The Career Academy as a student advisor and now she loves giving students an opportunity to further their knowledge and education, and ultimately to get a better job. "Helping people makes me happy!" she comments.

Cilla feels that The Career Academy offers students the right blend of empathy and focus. In fact, she says that she'd consider doing an online course herself because she knows that the team here genuinely care about the students' success.

In her rare leisure moments, Cilla enjoys a good read. Stephen King is one of her favourite authors; she likes his unpredictable storylines.

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Demelza Career Academy Advisors Demelza

Demelza's been working in customer-facing roles since before she left school, primarily repping and merchandising within the grocery industry. She studied anthropology at university, and is fascinated by what makes people tick. "It's great to get onto the same wavelength as the students I advise," she says, "and to make sure the course they're interested in is the one that's going to be of most benefit to them."

Demelza's sister is a former student of The Career Academy. She successfully completed our Certificate in Child Development as part of her preparation to work as an au pair in the UK.

Outside of work, Demelza can be found relaxing in front of reality food TV shows, and she's a keen cook too. Her speciality dish is chicken satay, ideally accompanied by a fine Scottish single malt.

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Michalea studied a Bachelor in Health Science and a Masters in Psychology. Michalea finds helping a student start on the right course and ensuring they're satisfied with their online learning experience to be rewarding. She can relate to a lot of our students who have put their life on hold to raise a child to then decide they want to climb back up the career ladder.

Michalea is into modification such as tattoos, piercings and colourful hair, her favourite past time is creating spicy Indian food with vindaloo being a speciality.

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