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The Career Academy has partnered with Fiona Clark to combine our top 13 business courses with Breakthrough's latest program designed to coach entrepreneurs into starting a business from the ground up, and keeping it afloat whilst preparing for growth. If you dream of being your own boss, we can help you reach your goals.

Business Management Pathway

Start your own business!

Plan for success – we'll show you how to start your business!

Learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure in just 16 weeks. You'll gain an understanding of financial reporting and taxation requirements, grasp the principles of marketing and social media, and find out what assistance may be available for your small business. This online course is ideal for those starting a small business.

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Wedding Planning Pathway

wedding pathway

Start your own wedding planning business with our help.

If you love the romance of weddings and enjoy the challenge of planning every tiny detail, this course will equip you with the knowledge to have a successful career as a wedding planner. With our Wedding Planning Business Pathway you’ll be ready to start meeting with future clients and making their special day a memorable one.

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Hospitality Business Pathway

Hospo Pathway

Become a business owner in Hospitality & Tourism!

Learn how to be a responsible, qualified bar tender, a capable, certified travel agent, a competent, recognised hotel manager and a knowledgeable, acknowledged restaurateur. This course combines our four Travel and Hospitality courses into one diploma, offering you a range of information whilst saving you money.

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Event Management Pathway

Event management course

Start your own Event Management business!

Event management is the perfect career choice for those capable at juggling multiple tasks, who can move at the speed of light and thrive under pressure! Special event planning can include many types of events, from conferences and sales meetings to gala dinners and awards. Start on the right path to owning your own business!

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Dog Training Business Pathway

Dog Training

Do you love dogs and wish to be self employed?

Understanding man’s best friend is vital for responsible owners and anyone working with dogs. This interactive online course will teach you about dog psychology, senses and behaviour, and you’ll learn basic dog obedience training techniques. Perfect for starting your own dog training or doggy daycare business.

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Interior Design Business Pathway

Start an exciting new career in Interior Design!

Good design enhances life and is a visual language, communicating subtle or overt messages to the end user. Accredited by the Interior Design Institute, this course will teach you everything you need to know about Interior Design. You'll learn to use your flair and creativity, while using technical and practical skills to translate your ideas into reality. Once you have a Diploma in Interior Design we will provide you with everything you need to know to start your own successful business.

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Private Investigator Pathway

Learn tricks of the trade and start your own business!

Being a private investigator is a legitimate career involving painstaking research, specialised skills and an understanding of the legal system. You may become involved in a range of work from insurance fraud and burglary investigations to missing persons and domestic cases. Our Certificate in Private Investigation covers all the angles and will ensure you’re prepared for any challenge.

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Accounting Pathway Program


Become an Accounting Technician and a member of CAANZ

with our Accounting Pathway Program. Fast track your accounting career with The Career Academy. This Program is unique to The Career Academy and specifically designed for those working or who have worked in an entry through to intermediate level accounting role, who wish to gain a formal qualification and recognition of their experience.

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Bookkeeping Business Pathway

Bookkeeping Business Pathway

Become a Certified Bookkeeper and start your own business!

Start your own bookkeeping business with the option to freelance, subcontract or work part-time. Accredited by the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association (NZBAI), our online course covers GST returns, payroll, fringe benefit tax, bookkeeping software (Xero/MYOB/Reckon) and more. Start on your path towards becoming self employed today!

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Administration Pathway Program

Earn more with our Admin Pathway Program

Fast track your admin career with The Career Academy. Become a certified administrator and a member of the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand (AAPNZ) with our Industry Approved Administration Pathway Program. This Program comprises a 10 week certificate, followed by a six month Diploma and then an assessment of competence based on your experience.

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Dog Grooming Business Pathway

Dog grooming pathway

Fast Track Your Dog Grooming Start Up Business!

In the first portion of this course you’ll learn about nutrition, exercise, training, hygiene and common health issues, so you can offer your pet a long and happy life. The second portion covers dog handling, health and safety, caring for the skin and coat, preparing for showing and more. The third teaches you how to start a business and how to comfortably and successfully grow it.

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The Career Academy is an Approved Training Organisation, certified by the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association, Xero, MYOB, Reckon, New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, International Live Events Association, Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand and the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand. The International Association for Counselling has approved us as an Education Institute Member and the Institute of Hospitality has endorsed our Hospitality & Tourism courses. We are also an Approved Training Employer, certified by Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and have been approved as a CPA Australia Recognised Employer Partner. Many of our courses are Internationally accredited by ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards, which guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from an ethically run training organisation. The Career Academy is Internationally Recognised by the International Accreditation & Recognition Council and is a Registered Service Provider with NZTE Regional Business Partners Network. We are also an ICB Accredited Training Provider.