Career Academy Course Levels

Course Levels


Career Academy Level 3 (Intro level study)

Career Academy Level 4 (Certificate level study)

Career Academy Level 6 (Diploma level study)

Description:Level 3 courses are designed as an introduction to the topic of study, and do not require prior knowledge or skills. As students grow their knowledge of a topic through the course materials, they will begin to apply their knowledge to simple tasks and processes, to demonstrate their understanding.Level 4 courses are designed to build on foundation level knowledge which students have already achieved (e.g. through prior learning and/or practical experience). This existing prior knowledge and learning from course content enables students to apply themselves to more advanced level tasks and processes, to demonstrate their understanding.

Level 6 courses take students to a higher level of learning, requiring in-depth study of their learning topic, and advanced level application of skills.

At this stage of learning, students are able to demonstrate detailed knowledge of their subject by generating rigorous and effective problem-solving to assignment tasks.

Study level?Content is designed to be at a similar to senior high school level learning (e.g. Years 12 & 13)Content is designed to be at a similar level to undergraduate university study, as might be covered in a short certificate course at University.Content at this level is more detailed and advanced, and is similar to the level of learning required for a 1-year University diploma.
What students will gain from this study?Learners will develop a good introductory, foundation level of skill and knowledge for their field of study, and be in a stronger position to continue to more advanced levels of study, where they can continue to grow and apply their learning.

Learners develop a strong intermediate level of technical knowledge and skill application in their field of study, and can demonstrate their competence in a range of related assessment tasks and processes.

Applicable job skills, increase employment opportunities.

Learners develop advanced levels of technical understanding across a broad range of topics from within their field of study, and can apply this to wide ranging and complex situations.

Applicable job skills, increased employment opportunities (e.g. Accounting Technician).

Previous knowledge or Experience?Not required, as learning materials start from the beginning.Minimal. Not required. E.g. Related study at senior high school level is advantageous, or having completed an Introductory / Foundation level course of study.

Required. E.g. Previous work experience in the field of study, or certificate level 4 achievement highly advantageous.

These levels have been developed by staff at The Career Academy