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Sleep boosts your brain power!

There’s nothing that’ll fog your brain, wipe out your motivation or crush your tolerance levels more than poor sleep! Most adults need 7-9 hours a night, but regardless of how much sleep you need, quality is far more important than quantity. Follow these tips to encourage a good nights sleep: Have a relaxing bedtime routine […]

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student with folder The Career Academy

The evidence is in the piece of paper!

It is easy to forget how challenging it is to be a job seeker if you’re fortunate enough to have been in steady and consistent employment for a number of years. It is only when you find yourself looking for work or wanting a change that you realise how applying for a job is a […]

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Manage Stress The Career Academy

Manage stress the healthy way

While you can’t stop your bills from coming or make more hours in the day, you can learn to manage stress by taking charge of your lifestyle, thoughts and emotions. The fundamentals of stress management involve keeping a positive attitude, changing the situation when you can and changing your reaction when you can’t. When you’re […]

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Life Coaching The Career Academy

Staying motivated while studying online

Whatever the project, finishing something through to the end can become more difficult once your initial excitement and motivation dies down. When it comes to study, we find there are two common reasons our students find it challenging to finish their course: ·      They’ve skipped a week or two, and can’t seem to get back […]

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Study Space The Career Academy

Your study space

Follow our tips on setting up a successful study space. Location, location, location! Are you able to study at work, or are you planning to study from home? Whether it’s your home office or the kitchen bench, a quiet area to study will help you stay on task and work through the course material at […]

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Brain Boosters The Career Academy

Brain boosters!

Many of us can’t help but reach for quick, easy and unhealthy snack options when we are studying – because who has the time! But making sure you have a range of brain boosting snacks is a must, so here are some healthy food options to help your learning. Pre Study Breakfast Eggs on toast. […]

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Finished studying The Career Academy

I’ve finished my study, now what?

So you’ve wrapped up your online course, and now its time to put your best foot forward and step into the working world! Stand out C.V. · Keep it short and sweet! Stick to the essentials – is it relevant to the job you’re applying for? · Highlight your experience in roles of responsibility or […]

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Social Media The Career Academy

Get social media savvy!

Businesses utilise professional social media to connect with both customers and potential employees. Is your online profile promoting you well to an employer, or will it raise questions in their mind? When reviewing your own professional social media, ask yourself these questions: · Is my LinkedIn account up to date with relevant employment experience? · […]

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Facebook The Career Academy

Is your Facebook profile employer ready?

Facebook has become a professional tool employers use to vet potential employees. Make sure what they see isn’t harming your chances of getting a new job. Are you an obsessive selfie taker? Are your weekend antics splashed across your timeline? Do you have a tendency to share questionable material? Perhaps it’s time to review how […]

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Email etiquette The Career Academy

Know your email etiquette

Think twice before hitting that send button!  Does your email follow these professional guidelines? Are you using an appropriate email address? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your email address from “funkychick@hotmail” to something that reflects your professional self. Make sure the subject line clearly states the purpose of your email. This could mean the difference between […]

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